Message from Academic Director

Mrs. Tabassum Farooqi

Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution of a dream.
                   William A Foster

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to our website. Although Modern Middle East International school is still in its infancy, it is sure to surge forward to new heights due to its commitment to excellence. The core belief of MMEIS is to engage our students in vibrant and diverse activities that really stretch their critical thinking, apart from exposing them to work ethics, social relationships in the virtual as well as practical world. We are committed to instilling strong values of respect and dignity for all in the conducive four walls of our school.

As you browse through the web page you will be amazed to see how both, the taught and the teachers, are given every opportunity to bloom. We aim to provide a positive launch pad to our students where they discover themselves and take pride in their existence.

It is our earnest endeavor to motivate the juvenile aspirants under our care to retain and value their culture, ethics and pride in self as they cross new boundaries to become confident and aware global citizens.



Principal's Message

Mrs. K. Jyothi

It gives me immense pleasure to be associated with Modern Middle East International School as Principal. It makes its debut in the world of education.

The school with its sprawling grounds, well stocked libraries, state of art science, mathematics and computer is a home to 2180 students and qualified staff who are committed and dedicated to their profession.

A dynamic and progressive school, our vision is to integrate the “Four Cs” i.e., critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity into actual classroom practice. We aim to provide our students an intellectually stimulating platform where apart from academics they are exposed to actual life simulation to enhance their innate talents and acquired knowledge within the parameters of sound positive values and disciplined environment.

We strongly encourage our students to participate in interesting and diverse co-curricular activities specially designed to tap the talents of our students. We believe that the cultural and sporting activities in a student’s life is as crucial as the academic activities to foster a well-rounded growth and maturity.

Within the past three years our students have been the recipients of innovative school and inter school activities. We have been host to the CBSE Cluster meet for events like table tennis, athletics etc.

We look forward to the continued patronage of the management and the parents in our endeavor to help our students who are creating ripples today to become mighty waves that soar huge liners to shores.

This website will give you a small peep into the wonderful and vibrant ambience of our school.